Ruffcorn Kennels

Dan has owned bird dogs since he was a teenager.  He obviously has no prejudice when it comes to his dogs as he has owned Brittanys, English Pointers, English Setters, and German Shorthairs.  We look for great personalities in our dogs in addition to superb hunting abilities.  As parents it is important to us that our dogs have the temperament to get along with our daughters.  Our oldest, Macon, has Rett Syndrome and is sometimes a little more rough than she means to be so our dogs have to be tolerant of her. 

 Dan started a new German Shorthair puppy, Steve, in December of 2002.  They enjoyed going hunting at Jim Edgar Panther Creek Wildlife Area near Ashland, Illinois.  Dan grew interested in field trials while planning our move to Indiana and Steve became his first trial dog.  After doing research on various formats he decided that tournament hunting would be a good choice because it was more like bird hunting, a team effort between hunter and dog.  In tournament hunting trials most fellow competitors know what the score for the team coming out of the field will be as personal opinions do not factor into scoring.
 We also enjoy shed hunting and showing in UKC Confirmation Shows.

We are very selective when choosing new dogs for our kennel or picking sires to breed our females to.  We are focused on producing quality traits for the field as well as the home.

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